Owner Surrenders

Surrendering your Pit Bull
We are not able to accept owner surrenders. We are a small rescue with only a handful of foster homes, which we utilize to pull dogs from kill shelters. If you need to rehome your dog, there are ways you can do so safely. First, DO NOT advertise “free to good home” ads online- please ask for a small fee as this will typically discourage someone who is looking for a bait/fight/research dog. Second, do your homework. Ask to see where your dog will be living, or at least meet the person beforehand. If something doesn’t feel or sound right, it probably isn’t. Go with your instincts. Third, spay and neuter your dog! There is no chance of more puppies ending up dying in shelters if your dog is altered before he/she goes to their new home.

But first, please reevaluate your decision. Is it something that can be solved by training classes, maybe some behavior therapy? Is your dog animal or people aggressive? People aggression is NOT typical of the breed, so if your Pit Bull has shown signs of this aggression, speak with your vet immediately on the next course of action. Most Pit Bull rescues/no kill shelters are full, so the next step would be your county shelter. Most shelters will not adopt out Pit Bulls, as they consider it a liability, so please consider this when making your decision. Those that do adopt out Pit Bulls are overwhelmed with the sheer number of animals that are surrendered to them on a DAILY basis and will not be able to guarantee that your dog gets adopted. Ultimately, your dog is your responsibility, so please take the necessary steps to ensure he/she finds a safe home.